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Service Overview

Mission Statement

The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong is a Christian service organization based in Hong Kong as part of the global YMCA movement.  The Association is committed to building a civil and compassionate Hong Kong through uniting people with the same spirit to extend the Kingdom of God; fostering youth leadership to shoulder social responsibility with keen concern for the motherland and the world and promoting multiple service programmes based on wholistic personal growth, commitment to the under-privileged and reconciliation extending from self to the society.


Objectives of School Social Work Service

*School social work service is provided to all students currently registered in secondary day schools.  The service is to identify and help students whose academic, social and emotional development are at risk.  It seeks to assist them to solve their personal problems, make maximum use of their educational opportunities and prepare them for adulthood.

*The general objectives of school social work service are to :

(i)   help students develop their potentials to the fullest, achieve healthy personal growth, attain adequate and proper school education, establish harmonious human relationship and elicit their concern for the community;

(ii)  help students with their personal, family and interpersonal relationship or schooling problems; and

(iii) strengthen the linkage among students, families, the school and the community.


Scope of Service Rendered

Under the policy of “one school social worker for each secondary school”, every secondary day school will be allocated a full time school social worker stationing at the school.  School social workers provides preventive, developmental and remedial service to students, their families and school via the following formats :












Types of Service

School social work serves preventive, developmental as well as remedial functions.  Students as unique individuals require a variety of services tailored to meet their needs.  School social worker should devise his/her service plan according to the specific needs of the students.  Types of major service provided include:

i.   Casework service for helping students overcome their emotional, behavioral and relationship difficulties in schools and families which hinder their academic progress and development through counselling, other appropriate welfare services in the community, and when necessary, making referrals to other professionals for service;

ii.  Group and programme for helping students establish better self-understanding, develop their own potentials and build up positive social values and attitude towards life;

iii. Consultation service to school personnel, students and parents on ways to address the needs of students and to give professional advice in school meetings, including Parent-Teacher Association meetings, student related committees’ and teachers’ meetings; and

iv. Coordination and mobilization of non-school-based community resources for strengthening the linkage between school and community and for benefits of students and their families.

In providing casework service, student is the main concern of school social worker.  He/She will also work with student’s family as an integral whole unit.


List of Serving Schools

Chinese YMCA College

Chiu Chow Association Secondary School

CNEC Christian College

Hon Wah College

Hong Kong True Light College

Newman Catholic College

P.L.K. Ma Kam Ming College

S.K.H. Lui Ming Choi Secondary School